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The Table: Friendsgiving Edition

The Table- Thanksgiving image

November 18, 2018

11:30am – 1:30pm

Location: 210 Truman Street NE , Albuquerque , New Mexico 87108

Category: Fellowship | Coordinator: Justin Edgar

The Table is a regular monthly fellowship event at City Pres. Directly after the service, we will gather in our fellowship hall to enjoy a meal together. We will be doing some thematic type eating each week, so on the 19th we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving together!

Remember that we will need some gluten and dairy free items as part of this practice. Our hope is that each of us will participate by bringing some of our favorite holiday dishes. So, one may bring Turkey, another Stuffing, one person cranberries, one person gluten free rolls, one person gluten free stuffing, one gravy, another person some gluten free/dairy free sweet potatoes! 

Join us on November 18th as we make room around the table and be present to one another.

We'll be using an online tool to organize our potluck so that we don't end up with 12 Turkeys for lunch. Click the link here: to add your information. There are plenty of slots for families to sign up for 1 or 2 dishes in different categories. You'll enter your name, email, and what you plan to cook and then receive an automatic email reminder the weekend of the potluck!

Crockpots are the recommended method for keeping food warm during the service, there is refrigerator space available to keep some foods cold as well.