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Letting Go of Control

genesis 12_10-20 (2)

Control. Something we as humans all want but we as Christians are asked to give up. Adam and Eve were the first to desire control, in taking the fruit they chose not to trust in God’s good plan for their lives, but rather attempted to become autonomous from God, to “control” their own lives. Control, maybe then, was one of the first sins; and make no mistake thinking that desire for control is not a sin, because desire for control is directly related to an inability to trust God in our lives, it is a lack of faith. Desire for control can only lead to disappointment, because no matter how much we try to be we are never really in control. It is not because of us, or our jobs or anything having to do with our own effort that our bills get paid, our car starts in the morning or that we even wake up in the morning, in the end it is God who is in control of it all. However, I think it a good thing we aren’t in control because that means we are justified by faith rather than by works. There is nothing we did or can do to justify why Christ saved us. We NEED Christ. In Christ we can have hope that we don’t need control; that his blood was and is enough. When Abram turned down the gift from the king of Sodom, it was an admission of his need from God. He wanted nobody to be able to say that what he had came from anybody but God. I pray that, one day, we (myself included) can all be satisfied in trusting God to be in control; that our hope through Christ can make us less self-reliant and more God-reliant.


                                    Return, O my soul, to your rest;

                                    for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.

                                    For you have delivered my soul from death,

                                    my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling;

                                    I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.

                                    - Psalms 116:8-9

~ Rachel Whippo