A faithful presence of love in the absences of our city.


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Weekly Devotional

weekly devotional_stories from the gospel of abraham

"We are narrative animals, and I hope the Gospel of Abraham causes the story of the Gospel to reenacted in us, in City Pres and in our city." ...

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A New City

a new city

"The truth is, no matter what, I will never be completely fulfilled in what I do here on Earth unless I remember that I am doing it to further God’s kingdom, because that is what we have been made to do."...

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A New Home

a new home

"The hope presented in Revelation is that the battle has already been won. We look forward to the return of Christ when not only will suffering and death be absent, but in our new home we will dwell with the Father: the giver of life and the one who wipes every tear from our eyes." ...

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Hiding Place

hiding place

"Our culture loves to numb pain-- give me all the ice cream, netflix, relationships, alcohol, handbags, adventures and travel...I don’t want to feel a thing. We hide in hobbies, in careers, in families, in fleeting pleasures and constant distractions, never slowing down to face the sharp edges of the evil within our own hearts."...

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To Find the One

to find the one

There are a ton of children in our church’s neighborhood who do not know what it is like to have their basic needs provided for, who do not know what it is like to have a functional and happy home, and are completely uncertain of their future, but I am certain that Jesus loves them and wants us to receive these children in His name, so that we can show them the ultimate ...

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Revelation 20

revelation 20

My almost-99-year-old grandmother is waiting to die. I remember visiting her in her snowbird house right outside of Phoenix most Christmases in my childhood. I remember watching things change each time we visited fewer Christmas decorations, fewer explorations of Phoenix, earlier bed times because she was growing physically tired. I also remember the moment we were in th...

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My Father's World

my father's world

"We can take heart, even as our hearts are broken, that one day Christ will return and the troubles of this world will fade away."...

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Hoping in Pain

Hoping in Pain

Eugene Peterson says that “the primary use of prayer is not for expressing ourselves, but in becoming ourselves.” ...

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Come & Celebrate


"The God of the universe is walking with you, bringing peace, comfort, provision, rest, feast, promise, goodness, mercy & dwelling. It’s a big, glorious story that we are a part of, and we need to cultivate joy, allow it to well up in us, celebrate and revel in the goodness of our loving Savior."...

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Weeds & Wheat

Weeds & Wheat

My confused and ignorant heart doesn’t win, because God’s plan is permanently set, unlike my wavering thoughts....

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