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Offering & Renewed Generosity

offering & renewed generosity

"He gives us the opportunity each week to praise him with thankful hearts, and one of those ways is giving money. It’s hard for me to do this with rejoicing, probably because I’m so thankless. I forget that everything I have is God’s, I forget all that God has done for me, and I forget that giving is an opportunity God gives us to worship him rather than a drudgery o...

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2018 Christmas Offering and Impossible Prayer Requests


2018 Christmas Offering and Impossible Prayers December is fast approaching, and with it comes Advent and Christmas. As part of our liturgy (remember this term isn't just about church, but about all our worship. A liturgy is a practice that organizes our worship or points us towards what we give worth to, it's like an arrow that points at a b...

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