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Summoned by the King of the Universe

Summoned by the King of the universe

"I am so caught up in my busy life, and my busy heart, that it can be all that I see, and I treat it as my kingdom and desperately try to hold it up. It makes me laugh cynically when thinking of all of this, because we are all laboring in vain and working so hard to do it, all the while being completely oblivious to it. I am deeply thankful for the good news that God calls...

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Crossing Taboo Lines


This week, our 2 year old wild child ran around the dining room table, and shrieked and sang as Zach and I tried really hard to sit at the dinner table and focus in on our advent devotional. Eventually we somewhat successfully got through it. This week we talked about Salvation. After reading about Saul, someone who severely misinterpreted salvation, and the woman at the w...

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Bitter Laughter


"I am so familiar with this type of laughter, and I identify deeply with it. The kind of laughter that hints at constant heartache, hysteria, and frustration, so much to a point that all you have left to do is laugh. Where were you all of this time, God? Why have you waited by as I have suffered?"...

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Tents and Altars

tents and altars

Abram is an example to us as he boldly listened to God, as his self sufficiency was “scrubbed away” in the belief the Lord had refined in him that God is good and He is for us....

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To Find the One

to find the one

There are a ton of children in our church’s neighborhood who do not know what it is like to have their basic needs provided for, who do not know what it is like to have a functional and happy home, and are completely uncertain of their future, but I am certain that Jesus loves them and wants us to receive these children in His name, so that we can show them the ultimate ...

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Weeds & Wheat

Weeds & Wheat

My confused and ignorant heart doesn’t win, because God’s plan is permanently set, unlike my wavering thoughts....

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Every Syllable

every syllable

“How long this world will suffer, how long I will suffer… Do you hear my cries? Do you know the brokenness?”...

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White Stone


Much like the city of Pergamum, I followed the only way I had known, and in doing so I had no compass for my life......

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Hand of Protection

Hand of Protection

I am a parent now of my nearly two year old daughter, and it has been challenging as of late to guide her and help her navigate new things. It is surprising sometimes when I have to set limits and boundaries for her, and she tests them and pushes them. Who would know that you could make a toddler so mad by asking her to eat her breakfast....

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Crushing the Serpent’s Head

What was once unending, immediate, and bountifully provided, within a few bites of fruit was now cursed with enmity, great pain, and toil. Marriage was once to be harmonious and is now divisive, pain is brought forth at the births of our children, God is farther away from us and we dig through thistles for fruit. ...

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Heaven is Our Home

Heavenis OurHome

I sit there and soak it up with a candle lit and music playing, because the orderliness of the house makes me feel in control and relaxed for the 5 minutes that it stays that way. Maybe heaven will smell like cleanliness and soap... ...

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Made Alive in Christ

Made aliveinChrist

"Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul" -Mark Twain ...

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Carrying On

Carrying ON

Daniel knows what is coming in the future, and marches on. He doesn't flee or hide under a rock. Like Daniel, God leads us through this wilderness and we rise and fall, waiver and remain....

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