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Faith By Faithfulness

buried (2)

Last night, I sat around with my community group sipping on some decaf coffee and half-listening to the conversation as my ear was partially attuned to my son dumping a whole box of building blocks onto the floor in the room around the corner. The discussion had centered around God's faithfulness to Abraham throughout his life, and the many promises proclaimed directly to ...

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Baseline Faith

the chaos monster (1)

"Our baseline faith is weak, wavering, broken, and often desperate, but God is tenacious in His assurance. He will reveal Himself in the everyday mundane, or the forty years of wandering in the desert, or enslavement in Egypt."...

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Revelation 20

revelation 20

My almost-99-year-old grandmother is waiting to die. I remember visiting her in her snowbird house right outside of Phoenix most Christmases in my childhood. I remember watching things change each time we visited fewer Christmas decorations, fewer explorations of Phoenix, earlier bed times because she was growing physically tired. I also remember the moment we were in th...

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A Tale of Two Women

A Tale of two women

There is a great temptation, we all face it, to look for our fulfillment, our meaning, our satisfaction in something or someone other than Jesus and His kingdom....

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The Church Triumphant

The church triumphant

My trials and suffering feel like the squashing of color and blurring of lines to the point that my portrait isn’t the perfect and skilled mimesis of what the world expects. Yet, there is so much more depth, so much more character. ...

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How Many Nations Under God?


Living under the new covenant of Jesus’ blood, we also get to see the beautiful picture of Jesus drawing people from every nation, tribe, and tongue to Himself....

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Fear & The Flood

Fear &The Flood

The rainbow is not a promise that life will get better after experiencing a storm. The rainbow is the promise that God will send a rescue, that God will be our refuge....

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Me Too

Me Too

We were made for this interdependent community. We were made to share those extreme differences in order to produce extreme growth. We were made to be with one another in order to remove the possibility of the bad: loneliness. ...

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Creating Liturgy

Creating Liturgy

Looking at Daniel's prayer in chapter 9 makes me realize how much I long to make prayer into a liturgy in my life. ...

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My Own Little Kingdom

King of My Kingdom

"There cannot be a God because if there were one, I could not believe that I was not He." -Friedrich Nietzsche...

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Sibling Rivalry

Wanting to be the favorite is a struggle in vain, as God has given us an even playing field, always coming from wretchedness, being made into His righteousness through adoption as sons and heirs of His kingdom....

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